We are in one of the worst times to get credit or financing for businesses, it is difficult to get it but it can be achieved. That is why you need to consider some things to go for the desired financing.


  • It is necessary to plan the financing; to take into account how much is necessary to finance and for what ends. Not asking for more than what is necessary, especially if other alternatives exist. You must ask for something that you can pay more comfortably. Of course, other alternatives should be considered, and take into account different banking entities. It is not good to marry anyone, it is much better to consider all the offers. If your institution offers you better conditions for your linking well. But look for other options, all after discarding family options, friends and savings.
  • Do not use the credits to fix a bad financial management or to pay another credit. That does not solve the problem; it only makes it bigger because every time you ask for credits are more commissions.
  • It is also good to have a good relationship with the bank, to establish relationships and to know how the entities operate. That good relationship should be with the banks, not working alone with one and taking into account the characteristics of each one.
  • For loans up to a certain amount, microcredits, aids, subsidies and other financial products can be considered, in addition to the above. In case of more quantity, other options can be taken into account with the Business angels; private equity companies and reciprocal guarantee societies, especially for certain types of entrepreneurship.
  • The credit rating must be protected. For this, it is important to have a good relationship with banks, to have a low debt ratio, to pay the credits at the time and to have credit on the cards that are counted.
  • To get the best financing, you have to make it easy and have the documentation available both printed and digitized, prepared to be delivered at any time. In an orderly and professional manner, but without appearing to have been done many times. Although it may seem strange, it is better to negotiate when you still have funds and money. Especially when you want to grow a business or expand something, since it is much easier to negotiate when the money is not yet needed.
  • It is also good that you acquire knowledge about loans and understand how things are handled. So you can make negotiations and conversations more fluid and you will not feel that they deceive you.
  • It is necessary to show to the entity both the past and the future, both the past seriousness and its fulfillment as the previsions and future plans. It is not convenient to lie, that should never be done, and we must show total transparency.
  • Keep in mind the criteria that institutions use to manage them in your favor, and remember that banks are not the only way to get financing. Think about other options and their characteristics to know what is best for you.
  • Entities usually take into account the capacity for indebtedness, the financial and patrimonial situation, the amount of periodic installments, the amortization of other credits, the history in the entity, the stability of the quotas and more aspects. They also take into account personal guarantees and coverage through insurance. The domiciliation of the payroll is something that helps a lot and offers better conditions as a general rule.
  • You have to have a lot of patience, since things in banks, and in many other places, are slow, but you can also follow up, and continue to negotiate until you get a good financing. The rush was never good counselors. And always speak in the present, come to you, your idea, your project or your company as something good already and not as something potentially good.
  • It values ​​all the options, take into account what it offers you and demands each of them, and based on this makes a decision. Meditate, think about it for several days, listen to options, know new perspectives, and then make a decision. Do not expect to do everything in a short time, as this will only make you worse.