Product labels are essential in providing the right kind of information to buyers. Before they make a decision on whether or not to buy the product, buyers have to read the labels first. In short, it is a part of your advertising strategy. Without a good product label, your overall sales might be affected. You might have already sold the product, but the product label is not attractive enough. Hence, buyers might decide to look for another option next time. Here are some qualities you need to consider when choosing a product label.

  1. Overall appeal

This is important especially since you are placing your product next to other products. When you are in a grocery store for instance, there are products on the shelves that you are not familiar with. You look at the price to make a decision, but also the label. Those with appealing labels are chosen while those without are left out. This also has something to do with how people think. If they see something that looks great, they assume it comes with good quality. Given that they have no idea about how people perceive different brands, they make decisions mostly based on overall appeal of the label.


Image via (mapichai)

  1. Appropriate contrast

This is another aspect you have to consider. You want to play with colours but not in such a way that the label starts to look cheap. Contrast is a quality that has to be taken seriously. You want the product name and other components to stand out. You also want the images to pop. Therefore, you have to make use of the right colours to emphasise what needs to attract attention.

  1. Conciseness

Of course, you don’t want to make buyers read a lot. The main label should be short and concise. If you want to give more details, it is up to you. However, they can be placed on the back. Perhaps, the ingredients, nutritional data, manufacturing information and other details could be written there.

  1. Completeness

There are buyers who are keen when it comes to details. They don’t want to miss out on anything. You must have labels with complete information. This might be a tiny detail but for some buyers, this is a make or break moment. They will easily forgo a product just because they are uncertain of it based on the label.

Once you have finalised the details of what to put on the product label, the next step is to search for a company with labelling machines. This is another aspect you need to give attention to. You want the labels to look really great and it will only happen if the best machines are used for printing.