Applying for a loan can lead to stress, but you can control it if you make your payments on time, or have a low-interest rate. That’s right; high-interest rates often scare off many potential buyers. So if you want to buy a piece of property, but can’t commit to it, you need to follow these tips to win a lower interest rate.


You need to compare home loans before you buy one. Think of it as you signed up for a loan for ten years, and you found out the lender next door is offering a much better deal. That will feel terrible, and you better prevent that from happening. You need to find the interest rates of different lenders.

Keep up with the details of home loans by checking official websites. You can also go to different portals to find out the best option for yourself.

Improve Your Credit Score

Before you consider applying for a home loan, you need to work on your credit score. A higher credit score means low-interest rate. This can save you a heck of trouble if you are careful. So while you are doing your market research, you better improve your credit score. You can do that by paying off your previous debts and make sure the installments were regular. You can also mention refinancing if you had any. Just make sure you look as good as possible as a potential candidate for a loan because the companies you apply to will do a background check. So, you may want to impress them.

Make a Down Payment

This is also a major factor because the lender is covering 80% of the entire cost at the time of purchase. Remember, when your lender buys your property for you, the higher upfront you pay, the lower your interest will be. Therefore, saving up some money at the start will make sure you get a great deal. So make the highest possible payment to keep safe from the burden of a high-interest rate.

Keep up with Mortgage Tenure

It depends on your finance, but you better keep up with the mortgage tenure. A long tenure suggests You will have to bear with low EMI, but high-interest rate. So, you better choose short mortgage tenure to ensure you pay low interest. There are many EMI calculators available online which will give you an exact estimate on about how much you are paying back.

Don’t Apply for Many Loans

This is the mistake that leads most borrowers in a financial meltdown. They burrow from more than one option and fail to pay back. Having one loan, and not being able to pay it back is bad enough, but you still have options like refinance and others. But having two loans and not paying them back is a major screw-up, you won’t get a chance to redeem yourself, and you will end up losing your investment. All of your efforts will be in vain. So only burrow from one lender, and have someone ready for refinancing if things go south. See compare home loans for more options. Using these quick tips you can get cheaper loans. Obviously, that’s not all you can use to save your budget. You can get more useful tips on the Get Cash N Go website. And not about the mortgage, but about car loans, installment and other short-term loans. These tips will help you save a lot of money.