When you have found the new car such as 2017 kia niro or any second hand car that you have been searching for and worked out your budget for insurance, petrol, servicing and general wear and tear such as replacing tyres and brakes every now and then, is there anything else that you need to take into account?

No one wants to be a pessimist but it has to be remembered that the car that you have purchased might, just might, go wrong sometime and, if and when it does, it will probably be at a time and in a place that is, to say the least, inconvenient.

Consider roadside assistance

Like most of the motoring population, you should consider the matter of obtaining roadside assistance so that, if the unspeakable happens and you are left standing at the side of the road with a dead car, you have someone you can call. Someone who will bring a big breakdown truck or a van full of tools in order to help you get mobile again.

This kind of service has been provided by such establishments as the AAA and the Nationwide for many years and most of us are, at the very least, aware of them. Over the years other services have sprung up to take a share of the market and it is now quite a competitive sector so just how much should you budget in order to buy roadside assistance?

Comparing insurance services

When comparing services and pricing it is important to make sure that you are comparing like with like because the level of cover varies dramatically from provider to provider. As with any motoring related purchase, try to match what you buy to what you need. Not all plans have mome start facilities, in other words if your car breaks down while you are still at home then you won’t be able to call for assistance. That may be OK for some people but is it suitable for you?

Other restrictions include the availability of a courtesy car. Some plans include them, others don’t. It may be possible to add it as an option but it could end up costing you more than the price of a hire car for a couple of days so please check the rates carefully.

There has been a substantial increase in the number of bank accounts that include extras such as travel insurance, credit card insurance and identity theft insurance. These usually have a fee associated with them but it is often less than the cost of buying these services separately. It’s worth a ‘phone call to your bank, perhaps.

How much should you budget?

So how much should you budget for a roadside assistance plan? The AAA starts at $66 for basic roadside cover and goes up to $126 for national recovery and home breakdown assistance.

As with anything, the cheapest may not be the best for your particular needs so shop around and get the right cover for you.