Below is a list of the main characteristics or qualities that are usually found in good sales and that, therefore, characteristics or qualities that we should acquire or develop if we also want to become like them:

Determination and attitude

A good salesperson has and attitude determination. It has enough determination to sell their product and meet their goals by any means, and enough attitude to face all the difficulties you may encounter on their way.

Confidence in your product and

A good salesperson is confident both in himself and in his product. Have enough confidence to tackle more difficult clients and enough confidence in their product as not to show doubt about it, and transmit that confidence to the customer.


Energy and enthusiasm

A good salesperson is usually a person full of energy and enthusiasm. Have enough energy to work all the time necessary, and enough enthusiasm to work with joy and passion, and contagious enthusiasm to the client.

Patience and perseverance

A good salesperson has patience and perseverance. Have enough patience to deal with difficult customers without losing your cool, and enough perseverance to continue to insist with the same customer but have already had meetings with him varies and have not yet finalized the sale.

Honesty and sincerity
A good salesperson is usually an honest and sincere. It is honest enough not to take advantage of the client, or fall into unethical sales strategies, and honest enough not to lie about the features of your product and always fulfill its promise.

Persuasion and empathy

The seller usually has good persuasion and empathy. Is sufficiently persuasive to convince the customer more suspicious that your product is the best, and enough empathy to put yourself in the customer’s site and know well what their thoughts or feelings.

Good communication and fluency

The good salesperson has good communication and fluency. It has the ability to clearly communicate their ideas, and has a way with words to express the things you want to say properly and consistently.

Good looks

The good salesperson has a good appearance. Always dressed formally even when the weather is not the environment, is always neat, always use clean dress shirt, shoes have always clean and well polished, has long nails clean and short, and her hair is always short and formal.


The good salesperson is usually a competitive person. Always kept learning and training themselves, are aware of new sales techniques, knows its market and customers, is well prepared before an interview of sale, and is continuously improving as a seller through the study and practice.

Knowledge of your product

The good salesperson has full knowledge of your product or service, well aware of its features, benefits and attributes as well as all aspects related thereto, such as guarantees, payment, delivery, after sales services, promotions, etc.