For many people in the United States, especially persons belonging to minority communities and immigrants, the key to success is having your own business, or find a way to grow your income through savings and investment.

In one of my personal finance class, I met a highly skilled student in entrepreneurship. Curiosity and intelligence he has helped create over the years different companies and have many more ideas, but unfortunately most of these ideas / companies have failed to allow you to have wealth. The main reason, he has the mind of an entrepreneur.

At the rate of 5 short weeks he has exposed me to develop more than 3 companies, all of which sound as if developed ideas that could give results, but the possibility of developing is very short, since its strength is creating them, not to develop . This happens to many entrepreneurs, not only to him. Unfortunately I have more ideas that have died without having any fruit which I can say it worked. And they all have in common is that they were good ideas, but he had the ability to recognize the time needed to devote to them.

The mind is like a web entrepreneur.

Long ago I heard the answer of why I get this: it is because I have the mind of a spider web. Think of how a spider builds gradually on each side of your network, not only takes time to create a side but it soon moves to another task, another idea. If the spider you are lucky you get to the front before something destroys, or other industry interests you most to keep building your network. It is the nature of the spider that keeps you from focusing on only one side of your network, has to keep coming from all sides to expect the network to be properly effective to catch your bait.

I always settle for saying that I am well because I am waiting for that “idea of a million,” which will be enough to justify the other ideas that did not work just because they do not take the time they needed. A few years ago I decided to take another path, recognizing that the web like this was my nature, so rather than change the way I think, would have to find a way of sharing my ideas with others who were not as I. I discovered that my job is to create, not to develop, to find the person who is interested in my idea and help that person see what I see, and to follow the path of developing the company. And of course, in the end I of part performance.

The answer is to find the person to help you.

If you’re like me, and feel you have many ideas in your head, but unfortunately not been able to develop them all, clear that only the day has 24 hours, you could do is find that person to be your add. A reliable and dedicated person who can develop the idea that your mind allows you to see fully developed, but at the same time devotes more priority to continue with the next idea. Plant these ideas and let someone else take care of watering the plants, because you just cannot water them all, every day. Our mind can do many things at once as long as all these things are simple tasks, but the more complex the tasks (as to form a company) will have something to give.