This is the era when social media has very huge power. It is like the next big thing from internet. More and more people are connected with social media and a post on a social media can install become viral and has very huge impact. The role of social media in business is getting more and more revealed. With the wide coverage of social media and how it can reach lots of people, no one ever underestimate its role. You need to realize it when you want to become successful in the field of real estate industry where you are currently doing.


Ori Tal is the one to learn how to empower social media for successful real estate business. He is one of the most successful names in real estate industry and having good reputation in global real estate market. He is widely known for his achievement in real estate development turning old building and revives it into a profitable real estate project. One of the key of his success is his ability to use the power of internet and social media to support his business. Learning from his experience, what every realtor needs to do to empower social media is.

Having account on popular social media

It is the obvious one. Popular social media to choose are including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest or Instagram.

Make an interesting profile

Don’t hesitate to customize your social media page to make it more interesting. Don’t forget to keep it active. It means you need to post relevant content of picture.

Pictures tell thousand words

It is very important to post images of your current or previous real estate projects. It requires knowledge to choose the right angle of pictures. You can also edit the picture to accentuate details you want to highlight.

Make your social media network

The bigger network you have, the bigger prospective market for your business. Link your account with account of other realtors or prospective clients.

Content is the king

Without good content, your social media page won’t be interesting. Besides posting about your project, it is also important to post content relevant to real estate market.

Off course, social media won’t be helpful if you don’t have good reputation in real world business. Social media is supposed to become helpful resource to support your business. However, creating strong brand is very important and through social media you can introduce your business and educate consumers about your business and don’t forget it also build more intense relation with them and that’s what brand building is all about.

It is highly recommended for those pursuing career in real estate industry to visit Ori Tal Blog. He’s sharing lots of useful knowledge from his tenure in this industry. You can learn lots of thing to become better professional in real estate industry. Besides that you can also find interesting side of Mr. Tal and his interest to architecture as shared on his very interesting blog.