There are a lot of things to love about spring: longer and warmer days, picnics at the park, weekend barbeques, spring break, etc. The list can go on and on. One thing we love the most however is spring shopping. Between all the Spring Sales, new fashions and technology, and the ease of buying online these days, spring shopping has never been this enjoyable; it can be expensive however. This year, save anywhere you can so you can stretch your buck and get absolutely everything you want! Here are some tips and tricks.

Find Online Coupons

Before you even step foot in a retailer or start looking through online stores, search for online coupons! Go to and see what deals they’re offering. They always have coupons for goods ranging from outdoor camping equipment to, LEGOs, to discounts for the newest fashions. If you look through everything Groupon has to offer, you will likely find multiple coupons to help save big!

Don’t Shy Away from Secondhand

Buying used or secondhand can be one of the best ways to save money when shopping. Whether you are searching through lightly worn clothes at a local secondhand shop or scouring online classified in your area, you can always find good deals buying second hand. A few big websites to look would be eBay and Amazon. They are both connected to countless online sellers to help get what you need.

Find Rewards Programs for Frequent Shoppers

If you are planning to buy a lot in one store or possible any big ticket items, look for places that will offer a reward of some type. A lot of retailers will offer zero percent financing for members or flat out knock off an amount from the ticket price if you pay for it up front. Regardless, when spending big amounts of money in one place, it can never hurt to reap the rewards and benefits of a members program.

Buy in Bulk

This is somewhat common knowledge but when you are going to need a lot of something, you can save a lot of money buying in bulk. Put together a list of things to buy at Costco and make one big stop. That should help save some money now and time in the future.