Utilizing enterprise content management software solutions from reputable providers can help law firms and their lawyers easily manage their clients, cases and firm information. The use of software has been around a long time. However, technology has advanced and case management software has come a long way because of it.

There are many benefits a law firm can receive through the implementation of CSM software from reputable providers like Mitratech. More information about their products can be found at www.mitratech.com. Below are some of the main advantages of using CMS solutions to take into consideration when your firm is on the fence about the investment.

CMS Solutions


Lawyers deal with tons and tons of paperwork. This can often lead to wasted time looking for information and case-related documents. It can also mean the risk of documents getting lost or accidentally thrown away. With the use of case management software, all files and documentation will be stored in a single location. Names, case information, telephone numbers, deadlines and more can all be located with just a few clicks.

Manage Deadlines

When it comes to getting successful case outcomes, meeting deadlines is critical. Keeping track of the many deadlines throughout each case can be difficult. Using case management software makes the process much easier and efficient. All deadlines can be entered at the beginning of a case and automatically entered into your software’s calendar. You will receive notifications when a deadline is approaching.

Automated Billing

When it comes to billing, most law firms handle this manually. This can be time-consuming and difficult to keep track of. The CMS will be able to automatically create a billing document for each calendared event. The software will allow these billed items to be edited or added to as necessary.

Document Storage

The typical way documents used to be stored was in filing cabinets. Keeping the thousands of files neat and organized in filing cabinets is a huge feat. It can waste precious time and money. Filing cabinets can also get unorganized and lead to misplacement of time-sensitive information. Instead, all documents may be scanned into your software for quick and easy retrieval.

Coordinated Communication

During a case, communication between lawyers and anyone else involved is important. When you need an address or phone number, you can quickly access it through your case management software. The application allows users the ability to search by keywords related to cases and clients.

The benefits of using case management software are countless. In most industries, time is money. This software allows lawyers the ability to shorten the amount of time they waste on menial tasks involved with paperwork and client information.